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Icon of the Mother of God "Gerontissa"

Icon of the Mother of God "Gerontissa"

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Wooden Icon of the Mother of God Gerontissa

The Icon of the Mother of God "Gerontissa", which is called miraculous, from the Greek name translates as "Abbess" and in another version "Staritsa". It is located in the Pantokrator Monastery on Mount Athos.

The story tells that during the construction of this monastery, which was previously built half a kilometer further, the first miracle happened. One night, all the building fixtures, along with the icon, disappeared. This loss was found the next morning, everything was at the current location of the temple. A similar case was repeated several times and people realized that the icon of the Virgin "Gerontissa" wants her temple to be built on this rock. One Saracen, during a raid on this location, wanted to light up by breaking this icon into small pieces, but for his blasphemy, he immediately went blind. The Saracens decided that they needed to get rid of the icon and threw it into the well. She stayed there for eighty years. The blind barbarian, realizing his terrible sin, just before his death, ordered his servants to return to this place and tell the servants of the monastery where the long-lost image is located. The loss was found and it was solemnly brought into the temple.

The iconography of the icon is very interesting. The old woman is depicted here in full height and without a God-Child and turned with a prayer to the Lord. Actually, the name Staritsa indicates an advanced age, but, in addition, the name is a status one, because in Russia there has always been a difference between old people and elders. An old man is someone who has simply grown old, and an old man is someone who has reached maturity.

After Christ ascended, the Mother of God continued to pray to the Lord for people. The "Gerontissa" (Staritsa) on the icon of the Mother of God presents to the audience the Most Pure Virgin praying for all people. Therefore, people turn to the image with a variety of prayers, it helps everyone. In front of the figure of a woman is a vessel that overflows with divine grace. The vessel is poured out and thus symbolizes the mercy of God, which always turns out to be more than the one who asks wants to receive. Thus, if prayer is pure and sincere, then the believer becomes like this vessel, which is overflowing with grace.


The icon is made by printing on a wooden board. Paints are mineral, do not fade with time. The thickness of the board is 2 cm. The board is covered with soil by hand. The image is covered with wax. Each icon has a metal mount on the back side so that you can hang the icon on the wall.

Our icons are made by Orthodox craftsmen. You can read more about the technology here:

We hope it will be a good gift for you and your loved ones.

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