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Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary "the Three Joys" with Saint Joseph and John the Baptist

Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary "the Three Joys" with Saint Joseph and John the Baptist

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Wooden Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary "the Three Joys" with Saint Joseph and John the Baptist


At the beginning of the 18th century, a certain pious painter brought from Italy a copy of an icon depicting the Holy Family. He left this image in Moscow with his relative, the priest of the Trinity Church on Gryazi. Subsequently, the priest donated the image brought to him to his parish church. Here the icon was placed on the porch, above the entrance to the church.

Forty years later, God's grace glorified the icon with wondrous signs.

Legend has it that one day several misfortunes befell a certain noble woman in a short period of time - her husband was slandered and sent into exile, her estate was taken away from the treasury, and her only beloved son, the support and comfort of the unfortunate woman, was captured during the war. Finding herself in a hopeless situation, the poor woman turned with fervent prayer to the Queen of Heaven, asking for Her merciful intercession. The Lady of Heaven heard the tearful prayers of the unfortunate woman - once in a dream the woman heard a voice commanding her to find the icon of the Holy Family and pray in front of it. For a long time the grieving woman searched for the image in Moscow churches and finally found it on the porch of the Trinity Church on Pokrovka. Having fervently prayed to the Blessed Virgin, she soon received three joyful news: her husband was acquitted and returned from exile, her son was freed from captivity, and her estate was returned from the treasury. This is where the name of the icon came from - “Three Joys”.

In the icon, the Mother of God is depicted with the Eternal Child on her lap. On Her right hand stands Elder Joseph, and on the left is John the Baptist, looking at the Infant with love.


The icon is made by printing on a wooden board. Paints are mineral, do not fade with time. The thickness of the board is 2 cm. The board is covered with soil by hand. The image is covered with wax. Each icon has a metal mount on the back side so that you can hang the icon on the wall.

Our icons are made by Orthodox craftsmen. You can read more about the technology here:

We hope it will be a good gift for you and your loved ones.

The products on our site are not intended to denigrate any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anyone or anything. The icon is not an object for the fulfillment of desires or healing.

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