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Wooden orthodox Icon Soul Pure (Purity of the Soul)

Wooden orthodox Icon Soul Pure (Purity of the Soul)

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Wooden orthodox Icon Soul Pure (Purity of the Soul)

An allegorical image representing a scene from the Revelation of John the Theologian - the worship of a righteous soul to Christ. 

The icon seeks to comprehend the essence of sin and virtue and their eternal confrontation in the world. The pure soul is represented in the form of an inspired maiden in a royal robe with a crown on her head. In her hands are flowers and a jug of tears that extinguish the flame. Below is the dragon and serpent defeated by her and the tamed lion, symbolizing the defeated passions. The sinful soul sits in a dark cave.

The inscription on the icon explains its symbolism: “The pure soul, like a beautifully adorned maiden, stands above the sun and the moon under her feet, with a royal crown on her head. She stands before God and prays, and the prayer from her lips ascends to heaven, extinguish the fiery flame with tears, and consume sinful patience, bind the lion with fasting, tame the serpent with humility, the hater of the devil will fall to the ground like a cat who cannot tolerate her kindness.” Thus, through tears, prayers, humility and kindness, the Soul goes to heaven.

(More information about the icon here)

The icon is made by printing on a wooden board. Paints are mineral, do not fade with time. The thickness of the board is 2 cm. The board is covered with soil by hand. The image is covered with wax. Each icon has a metal mount on the back side so that you can hang the icon on the wall.

Our icons are made by Orthodox craftsmen. You can read more about the technology here:

We hope it will be a good gift for you and your loved ones.

The products on our site are not intended to denigrate any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anyone or anything. The icon is not an object for the fulfillment of desires or healing.

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