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Icon of Savior Miraculous Mandylion Not Handmade

Icon of Savior Miraculous Mandylion Not Handmade

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Icon Savior Not Made by Hands, Miraculous Mandylion. Ubrus


According to the Tradition of the Church, icons of this type reproduce the lifetime image of Christ, revealed as a result of a miracle.

The miraculous saved (also saved the unfortunate; from the Savior + tracing-tramp with the Greek. Αχειροποίητος-non-ruler-gone), miraculous mandylion (άγιον μανδήλιον from the Greek. Μανδύας-“ubrus, mantle, a special type of image of Christ) representing His face on an obrus (board), or Keramidion (from the Greek κεραμιδιών - “tile”), representing His face on a clay board or tile. In the temples of Byzantium, Mandylion and Keramidion were usually depicted in the drum of the dome, opposite each other.

History connects this miracle with the following events. When the King of Edessa, Abgar, who was suffering from an incurable disease (leprosy), learned about the miracles performed by Christ, he sent his painter, Ananias, to Him to give Him a letter with an invitation to visit the city of Edessa. After listening to Ananias, Christ denied Abgar a personal visit, but did not refuse His mercy. Having washed his face and demanded to bring an ubrus (plates), Christ wiped himself off. As a result, His Divine face was imprinted on the fabric of the handkerchief. Through Ananias, the plate was handed over to King Abgar, after which he was healed.


The icon is made by printing on a wooden board. Paints are mineral, do not fade with time. The thickness of the board is 2 cm. The board is covered with soil by hand. The image is covered with wax. Each icon has a metal mount on the back side so that you can hang the icon on the wall.

Our icons are made by Orthodox craftsmen. You can read more about the technology here:

We hope it will be a good gift for you and your loved ones.

The products on our site are not intended to denigrate any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or anyone or anything. The icon is not an object for the fulfillment of desires or healing.

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