Icon of Jesus Christ the Savior by Andrey Rublev - The mystery of Orthodox Rus'

Icon of Jesus Christ the Savior by Andrey Rublev - The mystery of Orthodox Rus'

Savior Almighty

ICON, 1410 - 1420'S, 158 X 106 CM.,


The Icon of the Savior, unanimously attributed by researchers to Andrei Rublev, was part of the seven-figure waist row - the Deesis rank, from which images of the Archangel Michael and the Apostle Paul have also been preserved. The original location of the monument is associated with Zvenigorod, where in 1918, under a pile of firewood in a barn, these three icons were discovered.

The Deesis rite is a series of images of saints standing in prayer before Christ placed in the center. Its semantic content is connected with the theme of the Last Judgment: the saints - the Mother of God, John the Baptist, archangels and apostles - ask Christ the Savior (Savior) for mercy on the human race.

The image of the Savior on the Zvenigorod icon has been preserved in fragments, but the features of its construction can be clearly seen. The figure is shown turning to the left of the viewer, the face is strictly in front, the pupils of the eyes are shifted slightly to the right. By combining different points of view, the organic and multi-valued internal movement inherent in Rublev’s images was achieved. The rhythm of this movement connected the Savior both with the half-figures of saints facing him on both sides, and with the upcoming spectators.

With a wise, benevolent and gentle gaze, Rublev’s Savior penetrates directly into the soul of the beholder, conveying to him his state of thoughtful peace and tranquility. In contrast to the menacing, angry or sublimely detached images of the Almighty prevailing in pre-Rublev art, Rublev’s Savior is, first of all, human.

His spiritual beauty, which, according to the researcher of Rublev’s work N.E. Demina, represents “the embodiment of typically Russian beauty,” reflects the ideal of a perfect person, full of philosophical wisdom, justice, kindness and selfless love.

I would like to note that there are no such icons as Andrei Rublev’s anywhere else! These are amazing images, and he could only achieve such a language by leading a real monastic life! The icons of the great master evoked reverent surprise and admiration of both his contemporaries and subsequent generations. The name of Rublev was so famous, according to N.M. Karamzin that “for one hundred and fifty years his icons served as a model for all other painters.” During the life of the icon painter and after his death, people searched for his icons, exchanged them, bought them, and collected them. We are very lucky that now we have the opportunity to see the works of the great master with our own eyes!

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